I'm Eleanor and I’m a planning pro so if you’re looking for help with your wedding or event  - you're in the right place. 

I'm a stylist as well as a planner and my approach is super flexible so whether you need me to create a design concept, source a particular decor item, provide a planning timeline, help with keeping your budget on track or all of the above and more - you can pick and choose.

Think fun, cocktails and laughs along the way with a new friend and a party or wedding that your friends will be talking about for years - in a good way!



About you

Your wedding, your event, your celebration is just that, it is all about you. You want it to be personal to you and 


I understand that and want to help you create the perfect celebration. Even if you're not sure exactly what that is yet, I can help you work that out.


If you have questions, check out my answers to the ones most asked...

Do I need a wedding/event planner?

If you've made your way here, you're probably already thinking that planning event element of your wedding might not be for you... Imagine what it would be like to have somebody do all of the legwork for you while you get to make the decisions. And to have somebody there along the way to ask questions so you don’t stress about the planning process – it will actually be fun!


The average wedding takes 250 hours to plan, and couples tend to spread that out over 12-18 months so if you think you might spend most of that time stressed out – it sounds like you need a planner. 

Alternatively, I provide a flexible approach and offer one-off services like design/theme inspiration, venue search, individual consultations, a wedding website or anything else you need, just ask!

What’s the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

A wedding planner works for you, whereas a wedding coordinator at your venue, at the end of the day, they work for the venue. So there will be limitations as to what they will get involved with and help you with. A good wedding planner will tailor their service offering to you, and be there for all of your wedding planning needs. If you’re lucky enough to have both a venue coordinator and a wedding planner, they will work together for an even more stress-free, seamless planning experience.

What will working with a wedding planer be like?

Essentially, whatever you need! I’ll start by getting to know your personalities, I’ll ask questions to understand you both better and get a picture of your style before having a chat about exactly what you want me to do for you. You can book everything and hand it over to me just before the big day to make sure it all goes to plan, you could book your venue and major suppliers but leave the finer details to me or you could let me make recommendations on the venue, photographer, cake supplier and everything else and just do the bookings – or, you can do anything in-between – it really is up to you.

What happens on the big day?

Whether we have planned it together, or you have planned it all and you’re putting your trust in me to make sure the biggest day of your life goes smoothly to plan – it will happen just the way you want it to. I’ll be there to make sure everything is set up, your suppliers know when to be where and your guests are in the right place at the right time. I'm there to help on the day, from directing guests on arrival, making sure you keep to your timescale, moving furniture, keeping gifts safe - anything and everything you need. 


So you can focus on getting ready, looking fantastic and having the time of your life!

How many weddings or events do you work on at once?

It depends on the services required and the available planning time for each but rest assured that your wedding or event will be given all of the resources it deserves. You can take a look at my portfolio to see events I’m currently working on for more information.

Can you plan the style of event/wedding I want?

My style is flexible and fun - who doesn't want to have fun at their wedding?! I love a fun wedding with a relaxed feel as that's when everyone has the best time. Every great event planner will be able to deliver what you want but if you can find a planner who's personality and style match yours - that's when you'll truly be able to relax and put your trust in them.

What if I have more questions?

Then please feel free to ask them! If you're looking to find out if I can offer a particular service, availability, costs or absolutely anything else you can drop me a message or pick up the phone - find the details on my contact page.

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"I couldn’t recommend El enough for whatever event you need help with; big, medium or small. El provides a personal and tailored service and has supported me on arranging and beautifully decorating a surprise birthday party for my other half and with me having a busy work schedule at the time she was an absolute saviour and kept me sane.


She also continues to support me with my wedding planning, in particular, setting up our wonderful wedding website to keep all of our guests informed and making the RSVP process so easy! El is always there to bounce ideas off, suggest creative options and help narrow down all the options the wedding marketplace has to offer."